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In our over four decades of facilitating innovative travel, we are recognized as the leader, crafting tours and customized events with imagination,


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In the process we have amassed a loyal following of men and women who appreciate a “beyond ordinary” experience.


Whether it be a challenging off road adventure, or a luxury riding holiday, MotoDiscovery can be counted on to provide you with the best. That is how we’ve been doing it…
Since 1981.

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Adventure in style is what we are about and we're committed to keeping it real.

MotoDiscovery Picks

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary & Colonial Mexico Road Tour

This tour provides a unique opportunity to experience the gathering place of millions of migrating Monarch Butterflies. To get there we ride one of Mexico’s premier touring roads. Expect exceptional accommodations and fine dining to compliment this MotoDiscovery Mexico tour.

March 18 – 26, 2023
March 16 – 24, 2024

Istanbul to Venice Motorcycle Road Tour

The Istanbul to Venice road tour, sometimes referred to as the MotoDiscovery Orient Express, is our favorite Europe motorcycling holiday. On paved roads throughout, you will enjoy seven countries, each with unique history and cultural dynamics.

May 10 – 27, 2023
May 22 – June 08, 2024

The Arizona Immersion ADV Training

This tour is best suited for riders looking to expand their ADV and off road riding skills. You need not be an expert, but the novice will be tested. We consider this the perfect small bike tour. Riders may use their own motorcycles or rent one from MotoDiscovery.

Feb 22 – March 1, 2023



5 reasons you should add this MotoDiscovery feature destination to your bucket list

The South American continent offers a wealth of adventure riding treasures. We’ve been riding there since 1995, and by far the most popular region is the southern reaches of Chile and Argentina known as Patagonia.

Technically it is bound by the Atlantic Ocean to the East the Pacific to the West, sandwiching the Andean mountain range, a stunning system of fjords with temperate rainforests, glacial lakes, and barren windswept grasslands. It is this exact dynamic that offers you a thrilling motorcycle riding experience, unlike any other on the planet.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should add this Patagonia motorcycle tour to your bucket list:

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