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Moab Immersion Motorcycle Training Tour

This tour is perfect if you are new in your desire to explore the world of adventure touring, or if you simply need to cast off bad habits and refine your existing skills. To add to the training, we tour the vicinity of beautiful Moab.

May 15 – 21, 2023

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South America Explorer MEGA-Tour

This adventure travels the full length of the South American continent, through six countries with an array of cultural, historical and natural highlights.

January 08 – March 09, 2024
January 13 – March 13, 2025

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Turkey Fantasy

No country in the MotoDiscovery line up offers such depth of history and cultural color. From the time you arrive in Istanbul you will be impressed with the level of very inclusive MotoDiscovery services.

May 22 – June 02, 2023
March 16 – 24, 2024

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Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary & Colonial Mexico Road Tour

This tour provides a unique opportunity to experience the gathering place of millions of migrating Monarch Butterflies. To get there we ride one of Mexico’s premier touring roads. Expect exceptional accommodations and fine dining to compliment this MotoDiscovery Mexico tour.

March 18 – 26, 2023
March 16 – 24, 2024

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Oaxaca Day of the Dead Motorcycle Road Tour

The colorful pageantry and native traditions of the Day of the Dead are but one highlight of this highly cultural and history intensive experience. Exceptional accommodations and in-depth explorations of Oaxaca’s internationally famed cuisine make this a premium, romantic motorcycle riding holiday.

Oct 29 – Nov 7, 2023
Oct 29 – Nov 7, 2024

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Magical Iceland Western Fjords Road Tour

The Magical Iceland Western Fjords Tour is categorized as ADVENTURE LIGHT. Traveling the island nation demands riding at least some well-maintained gravel roads, easily managed by any experienced motorcycle touring enthusiast. To be clear, this is NOT a challenging off-road event.

July 17-26, 2023

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Heart of Colorado Adventure Tour

The Heart of Colorado ADV tour brings you all of the wonder of the Rocky Mountains with breathtaking vistas, historic remnants of the Gold Rush, and if lucky you may catch a glimpse of a Black Bear or galloping elk.

July 14 – 21, 2023
August 7 – 14, 2023

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Bhutan Thunder Dragon Motorcycle Tour

This tour launches out of Delhi, India with a domestic flight (included) positioning the tour in East Bagdogra, where you enter Bhutan riding in the heights of the Eastern Himalayas, experiencing a special culture, largely removed from the modern world until around the 1970’s.

April 30 – May 13, 2023
October 2023

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Heart of California ADV Tour

This tour is filled with stunning remote southern California scenery. Open deserts slam into mountains and canyons along the route. We’ll encounter remnants of American pioneering and Gold Rush history.

July 14-23 2023
APR 08-16, 2023

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Patagonia Elegante Motorcycle Tour

The beauty of this tour is that we’ve creatively condensed it into a holiday that can be done in less than two weeks while maintaining premium standards.  And if you would like a little time to explore Buenos Aires or go to Antarctica at the end of the tour, our service team will facilitate this for you.

Feb 5 – Feb 17, 2023

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5 reasons you should add this MotoDiscovery feature destination to your bucket list

The South American continent offers a wealth of adventure riding treasures. We’ve been riding there since 1995, and by far the most popular region is the southern reaches of Chile and Argentina known as Patagonia.

Technically it is bound by the Atlantic Ocean to the East the Pacific to the West, sandwiching the Andean mountain range, a stunning system of fjords with temperate rainforests, glacial lakes, and barren windswept grasslands. It is this exact dynamic that offers you a thrilling motorcycle riding experience, unlike any other on the planet.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should add this Patagonia motorcycle tour to your bucket list:

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