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ADV Pulse article

Such a great time we live in, having all these different bikes to choose from! All from large adventure bikes to lighter more capable off-road adventure bikes that still maintain a great highway character. Tell us what you think, best bike out there and why?

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Another amazing tour through Copper Canyon

We just got back from another fantastic tour through the most beautiful part of Mexico, The Copper Canyon. Stellar group of riders, lucky as can be, dodging rain storms, light traffic and demanding riding.The Canyons unusually green and lush this time of year. Mexican people are some of the kindest and most welcoming people to riders and travellers. The food in mexico is so wonderful, the spices and combinations are so well matched and ingredients fresh and well prepared.check out the photo gallery for more detailed photos in our tour gallery! Copper Canyon Photo Gallery

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Preparing with training for the upcoming ADV season in the USA and abroad.

Training is the best way to spend those downtime months during winter. Head to the beautiful South West USA and prepare for a coming season.

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MotoDiscovery celebrates Dia de los Muertos

The tradition is deep. It existed 3,000 years ago in Mesoamerica, an annual celebratory reunion with the departed. It would blend with European observance of All Souls Day with the 16th century arrival of Spanish Conquistadors and Christianity. The result is something unique on a global scale. Nowhere will you find this more authentic, than in the Central Mexico region of Oaxaca (wha-ha-ka).  MotoDiscovery invites you to join

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Destination » USA » Heart of California ADV Tour

Tour Questions? See our FAQ | email:

Heart of California ADV Tour

A BackCountry Discovery Route inspired adventure for those who love challenge

We characterize the Heart of California ADV Tour as ADVENTURE +. Novices will find this ride to have stretches that will demand all of your skill sets be put to work so we recommend that you have prior off road experience and training before taking this one on. Smaller dual purpose motorcycles will be most at home here.  Anything over 800cc is strongly discouraged. This tour is filled with stunning remote southern California scenery. Open deserts slam into mountains and canyons along the route. We’ll encounter remnants of American pioneering and Gold Rush history. Inspired by Backcountry Discovery Routes CA route and bits of the Nevada BDR, we’ve designed a ride that is logistically friendly and captures the essence of what has to be one of Americas most exciting adventure rides. We keep the groups small, so sign up early. MotoDiscovery also specializes in private customized tours. Contact us for more information.

NOTE: This tour, and all MotoDiscovery USA Back Road tours are highly subject to itinerary changes, even last minute, due to weather, forest fire threats, landslide road closures and ongoing research. Please accept this as the nature of adventure travel and count on MotoDiscovery serving your best interests and that of the enjoyment and safety of the group.

  • The Heart of California ADV Tour chisels out the best of the Southern California Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR), an on and off-road odyssey, designed for more advanced riders who embrace riding challenges.
  • No camping on this one. Great hotels and lodges are selected.
  • You’ll explore the natural beauty of Mojave National Preserve and Death Valley, iconic adventure riding destinations that typify the wild west of America. This is the real thing!
  • Adventure day rides in the famous riding areas of Lone Pine and Furnace Creek, CA.
  • You can count on Team MotoDiscovery for the highest level of individualized service and support.
  • MotoDiscovery supports Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR). Want a hint of this fun riding event?  This CABDR movie trailer will inspire you!

Tour Dates

APR 08-16, 2023
9 days / 8 nights

Tour Registration

By requesting a booking, you'll be able to reserve your spot on this tour. Closer to the tour date you will receive an email with payment information and you will be able to make a deposit or pay the entire balance.

If you would like to customize this itinerary and create a Tailor Made Journey just for you and your companions, click here to inquire, or speak to our travel professionals.

Tour Style

Adventure Plus - Expect off road challenges blended with pavement riding and is intended only for riders with prior off road riding experience. Midsize to smaller motorcycles recommended. No motorcycles over 800cc on this trip.


APR 08-16, 2023
Starts at $3,999 USD


How difficult is the riding?

This question is always asked and the answer is the same. The difficulty depends on your experience, physicality and spirit. Expect to encounter a variety of surfaces such as an occasional run of sand, some rocky sections, well maintained gravel and pavement. This tour is best suited for smaller motorcycles and for riders who have a higher level of off road experience and are seeking a challenge.

Will there be a support vehicle?

Yes. Our support vehicle will be with us for the duration of the event to carry your personal gear, tools, water and provide riders with the confidence to ride their own pace knowing we have your back. Non-riding participants (space is limited please give us a call to confirm) may also join us in the support vehicle.

Should I rent a bike or bring my own?

We highly discourage any bike over 800cc on this tour. Please contact us for more details if this pertains to you. You may benefit from riding a lighter-weight motorcycle where the weight and performance will not be so overwhelming – so renting should be considered.  Fear of dropping your bike is also inhibiting. Contact us to reserve your well-outfitted rental motorcycle.

Will you carry my gear?

Yes. Please pack in dust and waterproof duffels. We gladly carry gear but MotoDiscovery is not responsible for any loss or damage. 

How large are the groups?

Higher quality service results when groups are smaller. Group size is limited to eight (8) tour participants plus staff.

Can I bring my friend, wife, husband, etc?

Yes. We have a comfortable overland support vehicle that can accommodate a limited number of passengers in comfort and style. If you are planning to ride 2-up, please understand that this is not an event to learn to safely ride off-road with a passenger. Consider attending one of our Rider Training Tours if you would like to sharpen your off-pavement skills. 

Can I safely store my truck/van/trailer in Las Vegas during the ride?

Arrangements can be made to store your vehicle and trailer in Las Vegas at the rendezvous hotel. Please contact the hotel directly with information on your vehicle and trailer to confirm. 

What sort of gear will I need to bring?

This will be covered in our pre-trip communication emails along with other valuable preparation tips.  Keep in mind that space is limited in the support vehicle and gear can be stowed in Las Vegas at the hotel while on the tour. 

Will there be any tent camping?

There is no tent camping on this event.

When should I book my tour?

Book now!  For a better touring experience, we keep our groups small and exclusive which frequently results in tours being “sold out”.

Can you design a special tour just for my friends and I?

Yes. MotoDiscovery creates special private customized tours around the world each season. We are experts and regard this as our specialty. Contact us today for more information, or go to our Custom Tour Questionnaire link to begin the process.