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ADV Pulse article

Such a great time we live in, having all these different bikes to choose from! All from large adventure bikes to lighter more capable off-road adventure bikes that still maintain a great highway character. Tell us what you think, best bike out there and why?

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Another amazing tour through Copper Canyon

We just got back from another fantastic tour through the most beautiful part of Mexico, The Copper Canyon. Stellar group of riders, lucky as can be, dodging rain storms, light traffic and demanding riding.The Canyons unusually green and lush this time of year. Mexican people are some of the kindest and most welcoming people to riders and travellers. The food in mexico is so wonderful, the spices and combinations are so well matched and ingredients fresh and well prepared.check out the photo gallery for more detailed photos in our tour gallery! Copper Canyon Photo Gallery

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Preparing with training for the upcoming ADV season in the USA and abroad.

Training is the best way to spend those downtime months during winter. Head to the beautiful South West USA and prepare for a coming season.

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MotoDiscovery celebrates Dia de los Muertos

The tradition is deep. It existed 3,000 years ago in Mesoamerica, an annual celebratory reunion with the departed. It would blend with European observance of All Souls Day with the 16th century arrival of Spanish Conquistadors and Christianity. The result is something unique on a global scale. Nowhere will you find this more authentic, than in the Central Mexico region of Oaxaca (wha-ha-ka).  MotoDiscovery invites you to join

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Destination » Europe » Magical Iceland Western Fjords Road Tour

Tour Questions? See our FAQ | email:

Magical Iceland Western Fjords Road Tour

A more road friendly, rewarding and memorable MotoDiscovery Icelandic adventure riding experience

The Magical Iceland Western Fjords Tour is categorized as ADVENTURE LIGHT. Traveling the island nation demands riding at least some well-maintained gravel roads, easily managed by any experienced motorcycle touring enthusiast. To be clear, this is NOT a challenging off-road event. Riding the Western Fjords is a tour well designed for couples or single riders, with a selection of BMW GS series motorcycles perfectly suited for the task. Riders can expect lightly traveled roads, a moderately paced itinerary with time to experience beauty and wonder of this unique part of the world. Groups are limited to 10 motorcycles. Early reservations are encouraged.

The Magical Iceland Western Fjords Tour is an ideal platform for a MotoDiscovery Private Customed Tour, a simple questionnaire can begin that process. Contact us today.

  • Iceland. It is often referred to as the “land of fire and ice”. With 32 active volcanoes and the lagest glaciers in Europe, this large North Atlantic island rests just south of the Arctic providing the perfect destination for adventure motorcycle touring.
  • Arriving in the capital city of Reykjavik, you’ll have one night to explore the town and get your rhythm after your flight, about 5 1/2 hours out of New York, with numerous non-stop flights from major USA hubs.
  • From Langaholt we will ride around the peninsula, a beautiful ride in the shadows of the Snæfellsnesjökull to Hvammsfjörður. Short, optional riding explorations can be organized or spend a relaxing afternoon meandering the bay.
  • Riding the fjord lands, we will have a chance to look for Puffins, and if time permits, anglers can have a try at trout fishing.  Natural hot springs are common in this geothermic region, the perfect soothing relief after a great day of riding.
  • In Heydal, we’ll offer an opportunity for an optional ride on the famous Icelandic Horse. Off road riding enthusiasts may want to seek more a more challenging adventure, a route will be offered for those wanting to get a little dirty!
  • We head inland to see Borgarfjörður, Hraunfossar and the famous lake at Þingvellir, a National Park area of natural, cultural and historical significance, a fitting destination to close out the Magical Iceland Wester Fjords tour by MotoDiscovery.
  • You’ll encounter places with landscape right out of Game Of Thrones and history tied into the Viking culture that first settled Iceland in the 9th century.
  • The service. It is a MotoDiscovery tradition. This more road friendly tour will be supported by a follow up vehicle providing riders with elevated confidence and convenience. Your load is lightened on the bikes, with luggage carried in the chase vehicle.
  • Wildlife will certainly be encountered. Arctic fox, maybe a mink and a variety of bird and marine life, will live up to Iceland’s reputation as an island focused on preserving nature.
  • Multilingual and knowledgeable MotoDiscovery staff promise to make this more than just a motorcycle ride. And we keep groups small, limited to only 10 motorcycles.
  • The Magical Iceland Western Fjords Road Tour is a great platform for designing a unique private custom tour just for you and your friends. Interested? It can begin here with this simple Custom Tour Questionnaire.

Tour Dates

July 17-26, 2023

Tour Registration

By requesting a booking, you'll be able to reserve your spot on this tour. Closer to the tour date you will receive an email with payment information and you will be able to make a deposit or pay the entire balance.

If you would like to customize this itinerary and create a Tailor Made Journey just for you and your companions, click here to inquire, or speak to our travel professionals.

Tour Style

Light Adventure - This category of MotoDiscovery motorcycle tour is likely to involve at least some unpaved surfaces that can be navigated easily by cars and other vehicles. Dual purpose (on-off road) motorcycles are most suitable for this environment and having prior off road riding experience is suggested. No single track.


July 17-26, 2023
$8,625 USD


How difficult is this ride?

We’ve categorized this tour as ADVENTURE meaning the Iceland Western Fjords Adventure tour will have moderate riding challenges. This Tour is mostly good paved roads with some well graded gravel roads. There will be options for the more adventurous to wander of the main route for a little bit more challenge when exploring hidden gems. Give us a call and we’ll see if this is the right tour for you.

What motorcycles are available for this event?

The BMW 1250 GS is a fantastic machine and perfect for the conditions in Iceland that can have swift changes in weather and road conditions. The perfect bike for two up and fits most riders with small adjustments. The famed BMW 750 GS is a little smaller easier to handle for those who prefer a lighter bike without compromising the features that make it perfectly at home in Iceland .

Will there be a support vehicle?

Yes. We’ll carry the luggage, snacks and drinks as well as all the necessary tools to manage the common mechanical issues. You’ll appreciate this added value.

How large are the groups?

This tour will be limited to 10 bikes, riders and passengers plus staff.

Where do I fly in and out of?

Reykjavik, Iceland. (KEF)

Will I be free to ride at my own pace?

Yes. This is important. But this tour is best done within proximity of the group, given the remote nature. There will be two riding guides so everyone in the group will always have a native speaking guide at all times. With small groups you will find the riding dynamic to favor the fun of riding together.

Is this tour good for a two up pillion rider?

Iceland Western Fjords Adventure Road Tour is perfect for couples with friendly riding, mostly paved roads with occasional stretches of well maintained gravel roads.

What can I expect the weather to be like?

This tour is scheduled during optimum summer motorcycling weather. But remember, Iceland is in the North Atlantic and even summer temperatures can experience colder mornings in the 40°range with highs capping in the mid 70°. Rain is always a possibility. Be prepared for anything.

What sort of gear will I need to bring?

We’ll get more specific in our pre-tour Information Booklet, but you’ll want maximum protection from head to toe and the flexibility to endure all possible ever-changing weather conditions. We’ve packed for a lot of international tours over the years. We’ll give you tips on how to manage that logistics. Here’s a tip now…pack light!

What will the accommodations be like?

We will spend our evening and nights in the best available hotels along the route. Keeping that in mind that this is a very remote part of Iceland. Hospitality is an Icelandic specialty and mixed with the fantastic food and scenery the accommodations will feel perfectly adequate.

Will I need a visa?

For USA and Canadian citizens, you will only need a valid passport. All other nationalities should inquire through their own resources to see what the entry requirements are.

Can you help me if we want to come early or stay longer?

Yes. Most choose to arrive early to recover from the flight and take in the town of Reykjavik.  If you care to add any activities, consult with us on how we may facilitate pre or post tour services.

When should I book my tour?

NOW! Space is limited and early indicators are that this MotoDiscovery event will be a popular one. Talk it up with your friends and make plans today. Sell outs are iminent.