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Copper Canyon Mexico

MotoDiscovery Joins a Worldwide Carbon Neutral Effort

We have joined up with Motorcycle Offsetters to gain a Carbon Negative status for all our tours. We are actively offsetting Carbon for all bikes on our tours by 150% making us not only neutral on the carbon emissions but negative, we are removing more carbon from the air than we are producing by riding our motorcycles.

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5 reasons you should add this MotoDiscovery feature destination to your bucket list

The South American continent offers a wealth of adventure riding treasures. We’ve been riding there since 1995, and by far the most popular region is the southern reaches of Chile and Argentina known as Patagonia.

Technically it is bound by the Atlantic Ocean to the East the Pacific to the West, sandwiching the Andean mountain range, a stunning system of fjords with temperate rainforests, glacial lakes, and barren windswept grasslands. It is this exact dynamic that offers you a thrilling motorcycle riding experience, unlike any other on the planet.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should add this Patagonia motorcycle tour to your bucket list:

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Destination » Middle East » In the Shadows of Mount Ararat 37 Day Mega Tour

Tour Questions? See our FAQ | email:

In the Shadows of Mount Ararat 37 Day Mega Tour

A MotoDiscovery Mega-Expedition through Turkey, Armenia and the Republic of Georgia

This is a MotoDiscovery Mega-Expedition, riding over one month, involving the use of your personal motorcycle ocean freighted to Turkey. This tour is ideal for singles and spirited couples and is intended as an adventurous immersion into exotic international motorcycle travel. Turkey, a long time MotoDiscovery favorite destination, will be comprehensively traveled and will include riding into the neighboring countries of Republic of Georgia and Armenia. The snow covered towering Mt. Ararat figures heavily in this region inspiring thousands of years of folklore with heavy religious connections in both Christianity and Islam. Each day promises a unique and exciting experience as this part of the world is the crossroads where through the millennia, great empires and dynasties have left their mark. By intent this ride has a well balanced itinerary with multiple stops with two night stays in order to take in what we consider to be highlights that simply can not be missed. This pace is appreciated by those who have ridden with us over the years. MotoDiscovery is an early pioneer in facilitating such logistically intensive motorcycle adventures. To enhance service we are limiting this event to just 12 motorcycles.

Rider on personal motorcycle:

Based on maximum of 12 participants

Based on minimum 10 participants

Based on minimum 8 participants

Rental Motorcycles



Single occupancy supplement

Deposit per person

See Below

19,785 USD

20,870 USD

22,835 USD


extra fees may apply

14,370 USD

2,850 USD

2,000 USD

All rooms are shared, double occupancy. If you request to not share a room the single occupancy supplement applies. If we are unable to find a roommate for you, the single supplement will apply. No exception.

Sept 04 – Oct 09, 2023

37 days/36 nights

By requesting a booking, you'll be able to reserve your spot on this tour. Closer to the tour date you will receive an email with payment information and you will be able to make a deposit or pay the entire balance.

If you would like to customize this itinerary and create a Tailor Made Journey just for you and your companions, click here to inquire, or speak to our travel professionals.

Tour Style

Light Adventure – A portion of this route is on unpaved surfaces although not considered highly technical. Some off road experience is required.


37 days/36 nights


Sept 04 – Oct 09, 2023

Prices Start at:

Based on maximum of 12 participants 19,785 USD


Is this a good tour for couples?

Yes, but it is important that your passenger be spirited and adventurous, accepting the special character of this immersion travel experience. Do you have questions? Let’s have a conversation and see if this is the right ride for you and your partner.

What is the best motorcycle for this Mega-Expedition?

The ideal motorcycle is a dual purpose adventure touring machine, 650 cc or more. While this ride is dominantly routed on paved roads, you can almost count on an occasional well maintained unpaved route to explore and take advantage of the many historical and cultural highlights found off the beaten path.

Is it safe?

MotoDiscovery has been riding throughout this region since 2004. Political shifts and intrigue have been part of the landscape for centuries. Taking into consideration the usual and expected risks of international travel, we still consider this to be a safe tour without concern for security or safety. Should for any reason the situation change, count on us to value your safety and we will respond in a responsible manner.

This is a long tour. Can a family member join me for a portion of this event?

Yes. This is not an uncommon scenario and we welcome the opportunity to have your guest join us for a portion of the tour. It will require some logistics and a determination of which portion of the itinerary provides the optimum experience for you and your guest but there are solutions and we will work it out. Call us if this is a consideration.

Where do I fly in ?

You will fly in and out of Istanbul’s new international airport (IST). Of course if you have a guest fly in for a portion of the tour, count on the possibility that these flight arrangements will not apply to your guest .

Will I need visas?

Yes but only for Turkey. As of this writing, multi-entry Turkey visas are available on line and can be obtained just prior to your arrival. A fee applies. All other countries, visas are not required

How long are the riding days?

You will find this to be a nicely paced tour with very reasonable daily distances. Of course it varies from day to day. Refer to the itinerary for approximate distances.

Tell me about ocean freighting?

It is an intensely bureaucratic process. MotoDiscovery will manage all of the paperwork and planning however it will demand full cooperation from you. You must have your motorcycle fully prepared according to our instructions, delivered to our warehouse in Houston. Well before that we will ask for your important documents including your original title. We will allow for a  five to six week sailing to get the container to the port in Turkey. While this is an involved procedure, you will rejoice the day we gather in Istanbul and open up the container to reconnect you with your motorcycle and begin the adventure. NOTESidecar rigs are likely to require additional fees. 

I keep a bike in Europe. Can I bring my own?

Of course. Contact MotoDiscovery for consultation on how this can be easily arranged. We will provide you a credit towards unused shipping costs.

Is there a support vehicle?

Yes. It’s role is to provide support in the event of a mechanical or emergency situation. We will strictly enforce the limitations of personal gear that we will carry.

Will I have to carry my own gear on the bike?

Yes. But each participant will be provided one small duffel bag to place in the vehicle, ideally containing items that you simply do not need day to day. At border crossings you may be asked to secure the bag on your motorcycle in order to avoid time consuming inspections of the vehicle. More on this will be covered in our pre-tour information.

What about the meals?

Dining is an important part of the MotoDiscovery experience. The cuisine in this part of the world is exceptional. The duration of this event demands that we give tour participants some “space” so we will not be including all meals, permitting you to break out on your own some evenings. Lunch is generally not included however all breakfasts are. We get raves about the quality and style of our meal arrangements. You won’t be disappointed.

Will I be free to ride at my own pace?

Yes. This is important. We will encourage you to be independent and will provide guidance and navigational tools to permit you to explore at your own pace. You will find your own rhythm.

There are occasions where there could be limitations and we will ask you to ride in a more disciplined manner, such as border crossing days. 

How big are the groups?

As with any MotoDiscovery tour, count on the service to be the best. Group size makes a difference.  This tour is limited to 12 motorcycles plus staff. The price of this tour is tiered so that the more participants the less the price will be. 

How are the roads?

Expect a variety of paved surfaces from super modern toll ways to less maintained country roads. On occasion we will find ourselves for short periods on well maintained unpaved roads. We will address the question of tires in our pre-tour information. Any experienced motorcycle touring enthusiast will manage this event without difficulty.

Can you help me if we want to come in early or stay a little longer?

Yes. Most choose to arrive early to recover from the flight and take in more of  the fascinating city of Istanbul.  Consult with us on how we may facilitate pre or post tour services.

Will I get more information?

Tour preparation is important. You will receive electronically a comprehensive tour booklet that will address all your questions. Throughout the build up to this tour, expect Communiques providing you with timely information and preparation tasks. You are encouraged to call or send us an email at any time if you have additional questions. We welcome your inquiries.

When should I sign up?

Now. Please. Early sign ups are essential in order that we can secure the best of accommodations and services. The ocean freight process demands considerable lead time. Call your friends today and get them on board. There is no time to delay.