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ADV Pulse article

Such a great time we live in, having all these different bikes to choose from! All from large adventure bikes to lighter more capable off-road adventure bikes that still maintain a great highway character. Tell us what you think, best bike out there and why?

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Another amazing tour through Copper Canyon

We just got back from another fantastic tour through the most beautiful part of Mexico, The Copper Canyon. Stellar group of riders, lucky as can be, dodging rain storms, light traffic and demanding riding.The Canyons unusually green and lush this time of year. Mexican people are some of the kindest and most welcoming people to riders and travellers. The food in mexico is so wonderful, the spices and combinations are so well matched and ingredients fresh and well prepared.check out the photo gallery for more detailed photos in our tour gallery! Copper Canyon Photo Gallery

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Preparing with training for the upcoming ADV season in the USA and abroad.

Training is the best way to spend those downtime months during winter. Head to the beautiful South West USA and prepare for a coming season.

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MotoDiscovery celebrates Dia de los Muertos

The tradition is deep. It existed 3,000 years ago in Mesoamerica, an annual celebratory reunion with the departed. It would blend with European observance of All Souls Day with the 16th century arrival of Spanish Conquistadors and Christianity. The result is something unique on a global scale. Nowhere will you find this more authentic, than in the Central Mexico region of Oaxaca (wha-ha-ka).  MotoDiscovery invites you to join

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Destination » Middle East » Turkey Fantasy

Tour Questions? See our FAQ | email:

Turkey Fantasy

The magic and mystique of Turkey. Where East meets West.

The Turkey Fantasy is a romantic riding holiday, on paved roads and ideal for couples as well as single riders. No country in the MotoDiscovery line up offers such depth of history and cultural color. From the time you arrive in Istanbul you will be impressed with the level of very inclusive MotoDiscovery services. Our partnerships here have nurtured a number of great riding experiences throughout the region over the years. The riding portion of this Turkey motorcycle tour ends in the magical region of Cappadocia with domestic flight (included) back to Istanbul, creating the optimum riding experience in a two week time frame. An exceptional and stylish touring experience.

  • Turkey Fantasy starts in magical Istanbul. It was known as Byzantium and Constantinople and for 600 years it was the seat of the mighty Ottoman Empire until 1922. Resting at the mouth of the Bosphorus Strait, the skyline is dominated by the iconic images of the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofia and the walled Sultan’s Topkapi Palace. Spend as much time as you can here, wandering the great Bazar’s, feeling the centuries of history. Magic!
  • The Peninsula of Gallipoli today reminds us of the futility of war. Here the Turks defended the strategic Dardanelles Strait from invading naval forces and the armies of Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain (ANZAC) during an 11-month siege.
  • Ephesus dates back to 10th Century BC, a sprawling once port city of temples, markets, open air amphitheaters and commerce. It has biblical connections and is an example of the profound influences of Rome and Greek empires shared in this region. We’ll have a fascinating walking tour of this massive archeological wonder.
  • When thinking of Turkey, one cannot miss the highlight of Cappadocia. With its curious pinnacle peaks formed by erosion protruding among canyons and across the arid landscape, carved dwellings date back thousands of years. You will enjoy two nights here in a luxurious hotel, rooms carved out of the rock. And if conditions approve, you must take the optional hot air balloon excursion.
  • Kekova is an island we reach by small boat. The village is simple, meandering up the hillside to a castle dating from the time of the Crusades. Swim, take a kayak to a nearby island, bargain in the tiny village shops or just relax.
  • Riding into the interior of Antalya, Konya is a highly conservative city (you won’t find alcohol here), known as the final resting place of Rumi the 13th century Persian poet, scholar and practitioner of the Suffi faith. His works are known around the world and inspire many to this day.
  • We can’t say enough about Turkish cuisine. Drawing from the Mediterranean, the Far East and the sub-continent, our guests rave about our dining extravaganzas. Plates of assorted meze arrive to the table, starters that become a meal by themselves. Fresh seafood, lamb or chicken are the main dishes. Grilled kebabs are a favorite. Chase it with the anise Turkish drink called Raki. End with delicate pastries and a rich shot of Turkish coffee. You won’t be disappointed.
  • The staff team. We could not do this without the relationships built over the years with our native partner, Kaz Uzunoglu and his team. The services, from start to finish, will impress you.
  • This tour is the ideal platform for a customized private tour just for you and your friends. Interested? Fill out this easy Custom Motorcycle Tour Questionnaire, and let’s get started.

Tour Dates

May 22 – June 02, 2023
13 days/12 nights

Tour Registration

By requesting a booking, you'll be able to reserve your spot on this tour. Closer to the tour date you will receive an email with payment information and you will be able to make a deposit or pay the entire balance.

If you would like to customize this itinerary and create a Tailor Made Journey just for you and your companions, click here to inquire, or speak to our travel professionals.

Tour Style

Road Tour - This category of MotoDiscovery motorcycle tour is for experienced road touring enthusiasts, suitable for any style motorcycle and is routed on paved roads throughout.


May 22 – June 02, 2023
Starts at $6,989 USD


How difficult is this ride?

This is a MotoDiscovery Road Tour Light Adventure. It’s paved all the way and suitable for any experienced motorcycle touring enthusiast.

How is the weather?

MotoDiscovery travels during what we consider to be optimum riding seasons. Altitudes range from high deserts of 4,000 feet to mountains reaching almost 9,000 feet. Temperatures can range from cool mornings with rapid warming through the day. Weather updates are provided in a MotoDiscovery e-mail Communique right before the tour.

Is it safe?

Know that we consider this a priority. Over 30 million travelers come to Mexico on average each year. While we consider the safety question to be overblown, we still take it seriously and recognize that there are territorial criminal elements engaged in drug related activity in many parts of Mexico. These elements rarely bother tourists as this only brings unnecessary attention to them. It is a strange coexistence. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns knowing that at any time, anywhere, we feel your security is compromised , we will be honest and respond accordingly.

Is this suitable for a passenger?

Yes. Definitely!  The Colonial Tour has long been a couple’s favorite with romantic accommodations, delightful dining, a moderate pace and the discovery of exciting cultures. The natural phenomenon of the gathering of many millions of butterflies, is something you will want to share.

I don’t speak Spanish.

No worries. We have native speakers on all of our tours in Mexico. Many people in Mexico speak English. We encourage you to learn a few words and we will gladly provide some lessons along the way if you wish!

How long are the riding days?

Longest day is about 185 miles. Shortest day is approximately 150 miles. Do the days seem short? In miles, yes. Small villages, curvy mountain roads and our desire for having a relaxed pace will easily fill your day. So much to do and see along the way.

What documents are required to enter Mexico?

A passport, drivers license and an easily obtained online Mexico tourist permit for a modest fee. Simple. We will go into more detail on this matter in pre-tour Communiques.

How are the accommodations?

MotoDiscovery strives to provide the best possible accommodations for our riding guests. This tour is no exception.  Overall we find lodging on this tour to be very good. In our attempt to seek unique lodging in the centro, the group may be separated in San Miguel, staying in small boutique hotels.

What about the food?

As is the usual MotoDiscovery policy we encourage ordering from an open menu and enjoy sharing with you a great dining experience. You won’t be disappointed. Those with special dietary requirements can count on our cooperation and satisfaction.  

Can MotoDiscovery design a private tour just for me and my friends?

The Colonial Mexico tour is a great model for us to build you a private and customized touring experience, just for you and your friends. Contact MotoDiscovery for consultation.

Will I get more information?

Tour preparation is important. You will receive, electronically, a comprehensive tour booklet that will address all your questions. You are encouraged to call or send us an email at any time if you have additional questions. We welcome your inquiries.

When should I sign up?

Now. Please. Early sign ups are essential in order that we can secure the best of high demand accommodations during this holiday period. Organize a group. Start your planning today.